Young Social Entrepreneurs Kick Off One Week Accelerator Program

Jolkona was thrilled to kick off our current one-week cohort. Charley Haley lead the first session and conducted a number of group activities that got the group working together right away. The entrepreneurs were divided in small groups to discuss some very important questions that would really prepare them for the week ahead.

Why is this accelerator important to you, your customers, and the wider community?

Just twenty minutes in, most of the participants had a better understanding of how they would benefit from their experience in Seattle. Jolkona’s Executive Director, Monica Mendoza discussed with the group in detail the agenda for the week and the young entrepreneurs were excited to take advantage of the inspiring opportunities they have ahead of them.

After a quick exercise, moderated by Charley, each of the participants were able to better define the purpose of their start up. One of them had some trouble fully defining the purpose of their venture prior to coming to Seattle, and this exercise gave him the perspective he needed to outline the purpose that best fits his venture.

The group’s favorite activity was one that involved them interviewing each other. Each entrepreneur was extensively interviewed by the group and no question was spared. The key point of the exercise was to make each participant think deeper about their venture and what they might be missing. We all are so focused on our businesses and ideas, especially when we are trying to build it from the ground up, so having the fresh perspective of others is key to fully understanding the needs of our ventures. Each person was able to listen to the impartial discussion about their businesses and to obtain valuable takeaways they will use to better develop their businesses.


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