World Humanitarian Day: #WHD2013 #TheWorldNeedsMore #GiveTogether

What do you think the world needs more of? Today is U.N. World Humanitarian Day, and your chance to spread the word, literally. Aug. 19th is the beginning of a monthlong campaign called “The World Needs More.” Tell the U.N. what you think the world needs in one word, through a Twitter hashtag or through a donation on its website. Jolkona’s suggestion?  #WHD2013 #TheWorldNeedsMore #GiveTogether.

World Humanitarian Day acknowledges the sacrifices of those who put themselves on the line to bring help to others. Set on Aug. 19th, the anniversary of the 2003 bombing of the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad, World Humanitarian Day in 2008 to honor those who have died giving humanitarian aid, and those continuing to make a difference around the world. In particular, this holiday celebrates first responders to crises, like conflict or natural disasters. These volunteers are often as affected by events as those they aid, and are more likely to lose their lives while helping someone else.

World Humanitarian Day also aims to encourage everyone to be a humanitarian at whatever capacity. Many parts of the world still need aid, and only global and international cooperation can effectively address some of these issues. Humanitarianism on a global scale needs the involvement of everyone who wants to help, even if it’s through making an important word reality, or a small donation.

Beyoncé stepped out in support of World Humanitarian Day 2012. This year, the Kid President is asking you to become a global citizen. With the World Needs More campaign, you have a chance to make a direct impact with your word of choice, and make a difference.

At Jolkona, our philosophy is that a small action can make a huge impact, and that anyone can be a philanthropist. Through both our Give Together program and Give Direct, choosing your cause and making a high impact donation makes humanitarian aid both easy and effective. Your donations not only provide help for under empowered people globally, but also support the dedicated volunteers making it all happen.

With the launch of Give Together, our goal is to make giving more communal, compounding the contributions of many to make a bigger impact. In that spirit, we think the world needs more #together. Take the time to check out the project page and use Twitter to spread #GiveTogether as your word of choice.

For more information, check out the World Humanitarian Day on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember: @Jolkona @UN_WHD #WHD2013 #theworldneedsmore #GiveTogether

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