What Can Jolkona & Other Nonprofits Learn From Gov’t Shutdown?

Adnan has a piece in The Huffington Post today about what Jolkona and other nonprofits can learn from the ongoing U.S. government shutdown — check it out!

An excerpt:

Aleena passport photo

“The Chronicle of Philanthropy is keeping a running log of how the shutdown is impacting nonprofits; we can expect that list to multiply every day. The silver lining is that this conflict provides an opportunity for us to take stock of our work and make sure we focus on what’s important.”

“And even when the current shutdown ends, I’m afraid we will see more of these types of disruptions in the future. I’m a big fan of staying focused on Plan A and not getting distracted along the way; it’s an essential key to success for nonprofits and startups. However, when things happen beyond our control — like the government shutting down — it’s good to have a Plan B. We owe it to all those who receive our services.”

And some bonus commentary for the Jolkona Blog:

“With the shutdown in full swing, I find it really interesting how the government prioritizes what things to keep open and what to close down. It is quite intriguing that they shut down clinical research and cancer treatment trials, yet keep passport offices open. In our case, we got really lucky the Seattle Passport Agency stayed open because we needed to get Aleena a passport for her first international trip this month! We also know that we will be traveling fine next week because the TSA is still working. But, Nadia and I are sad that babies like Aleena who need urgent medical care are being turned away because of the shutdown…”

How is the government shutdown impacting you, personally or professionally? Share your thoughts in the Comments section, or through Jolkona’s Facebook or Twitter feeds.

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