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We’re excited to reveal the newest iteration of Jolkona’s website! We asked Nancy Xu, Jolkona’s design/tech director, about what prompted this redesign and what it means for Jolkona’s future:

Why did you decide to redesign the site?

Our last website was launched in March last year, designed around our two core programs: Give Direct and Give Together. Since then, we have created quite a few new programs that we want to showcase on our website. The programs are so different from Give Direct and Give Together, we might as well make a new website for them!

Jolkona home page

What’s new on

New programs! In addition, now you can see the latest news from all the programs right on the homepage. We have also improved our mobile user experience – most screens are looking pretty good on that little screen.

What are the new programs, and how can people get involved?

  • Lift Bangla: Crowdfunding a nation. Holistic giving experience that enables you to directly fund individuals and community projects in Bangladesh. We are currently looking for volunteers to help engage with the Bangladeshi community here in the U.S.
  • Project Catalyst: Supporting young social entrepreneurs around the world, starting with Indonesia: building their capacity, growing their organization, and as a result, making them more “fundable.” We are looking for entrepreneurs from specialities to be coaches and mentors to the young social entrepreneurs going through our training program.
  • Expedition to World’s Edge: Journeying to the far corners of the world to get firsthand look at nonprofits and social entrepreneurs who are changing their communities. Our next trip is to East Africa in March — we are accepting applications now!
  • Jolkona Works: Working with companies, starting at Microsoft, to design corporate giving programs that increase civic engagement for employees.
  • Give Together has also been updated to reflect feedback from the members of this monthly philanthropy program and increase community engagement.

What are you working on next?

In terms of the website, we still have features that we want to slowly roll out. Give Direct and the blog will be getting a facelift in a few weeks, for example.

Why is it so important that Jolkona stay innovative?

I think that’s the best part about volunteering at Jolkona! We believe constant innovation is the best way to find the right solutions to world’s biggest problems. There are lots of great nonprofits out there that have fixed programs; we really want to add value in a different space, where we can try different things, see what works, iterate and not be afraid to fail.

Take a look around and let us know what you think through our social media channels. 

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