Want to Donate to a Nonprofit? There’s an App for That

Google has taken a break from mapping the world, making cars drive themselves, and creating glasses which capture of every. This time to support a good cause: helping nonprofits connect with potential donors. Google created One Today, a groundbreaking app that allows users to donate a single dollar to their favorite nonprofit. One Today’s slogan is, “Do a little, Change a lot.”

One Today Google

How One Today Changes Everything

One Today is groundbreaking in two ways:

1. It makes users aware of more projects going on around the world.

2. It makes donating social. (We have already written about the importance of giving socially. Read about it here).

This app brings to light more projects than ever before, because any user can access the app from their cell phone. The app has a feature that allows the user to learn about a new cause everyday. Knowing about more causes can result in more donations.

Probably the best part about One Today is that you can match your friends dollar donation with a push of a button. This added feature gives further incentive for one to share with their friends where they have donated money, in order to get more donations toward their favorite nonprofit. In addition to these two great features, One Today informs the user upfront exactly where the donation will go to. If the user knows this information, they are not only more likely to donate on the spot, but more likely to donate again in the future.

The App Itself

As of today, the app has been reviewed 270 times and has been rated 4.9 out of 5.0 stars from the users. The app can be downloaded to your favorite Android device here. Most of the feedback has been positive:

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 3.34.08 PM

(This screenshot comes from the Google Play Website)

At Jolkona, we love any company that gives back. In the same spirit as One Today, Jolkona also has a project list where any user can give daily. If you are interested, please look through our project list. We have over fifty projects world wide, differing from planting trees in Honduras, to providing clean water for people in Kenya. Like One Today, Jolkona believes in the power of small donations from a number of inspired people.

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