Visit to Cambia Grove

by Kymberly Tindall, Jolkona Volunteer


Monday of the second week, the Catalyst participants visited Cambia IMG_4294Grove and learned about how their space works to bring together individuals who are solving problems in healthcare. The Catalyst participants toured the 9000 square feet and got a sense for how a space free to people working on solutions to a fractured healthcare system.  Check out the board that is on the wall in the office area! A focus on the customer and innovating the customer experience in healthcare.  Healthcare innovators use this space to work, interact, support, and learn.

After the tour, the Catalyst participants convened in the conference room.  Avtar Varma, from Elevar, learned a bit about the projects in the room and got the group on a skype call with Anisha Sood, Investor-in-Residence at the Cambia Grove.  The Catalyst participants were aIMG_4300ble to learn about investing from the perspective of a Venture Capital expert.  Some of the take away points were that VCs are looking for focus and even in social projects, the return and outcome projections will be looked at the same from a financial stand point.   Also that advisors are great so long as they regularly and actively advise and how the process of gaining funding goes from introduction to receiving funding.

You can register for our Jolkona Catalyst Showcase on November 11th to see our entrepreneurs give their final pitches for the program.  Click here to RSVP!

Jolkona Catalyst brings high potential social entrepreneurs from emerging countries to Seattle for an intensive 3-week mentor-driven accelerator. These entrepreneurs are solving some of the most challenging societal issues in their communities. Our mentors include some of Seattle’s best startup talent who prepare these founders to scale and engage with investors at home and abroad.

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