Update on Cyclone Sidr relief efforts

We were able to raise about $3,000 in approximately 10 days. Here is a breakdown of Jolkona Foundation’s relief efforts:

  • We distributed 561 blankets to help the survivors cope with the winter.
  • We provided 460 loaves of bread and 300 packets of cheera and ghur.
  • We gave out thousands of water purifying tablets, as well as other medications.
  • More than 300 families (i.e. more than 1300 individuals) directly received some relief supplies.
  • We built 8 tubewells (also known as bore holes and waterwells) and hence, providing whole villages access to clean drinking water. These tubewells will have direct long term effects on the villages.

We had initially set a target of raising $2,000. We are ecstatic to raise $3,000, but we are even more excited to see the impact that a mere $3,000 had on hundreds of families.

As we mentioned in the previous post, here are some pictures from our relief efforts –

We are really looking forward to bring more high-impact projects to our users and seeing the continued impact that our donors have around the world!


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