Thank You for Making a Huge Impact in Pakistan!

Thanks to the generous support of the Jolkona community, we have raised almost $4,000 for our partner, Barakat, to help families displaced by the floods in Pakistan! As a result of your donations, the 70-75 households that took shelter in Attock, Punjab have all been taken care of. We’re excited to announce that this project is now completely sold out!

In our last blog post about Pakistan, we discussed how much of the $1.3 billion raised for Haiti’s earthquake relief still remains unused. Jolkona and our partner have learned from this experience and have decided to cap the Pakistan project at this point since our non-profit partner does not have the capacity to distribute additional funds for flood relief outside of the village they work in. You can rest assured that YOUR donations to this project are being used for aid and distributed to the families affected by the floods. Everyone who has made a donation will receive a proof of impact as soon as the gifts are implemented.

Thanks to your help, we were able to meet the immediate needs of the affected families who took refuge in Attock. We are working hard with our partner to add another project which will provide long-term benefits for these families.

Unfortunately, the need in Pakistan is still great. The UN reports that the flooding in the Sindh province of Pakistan is going from “bad to worse.” Whether you’ve given to our project or not, we encourage you to give what you can to other relief organizations working in Pakistan. See the short list of organizations we recommend below:

Jolkona’s Top Picks for Flood Relief in Pakistan

  1. BRAC USA — BRAC USA is one of our existing partners where we provide support to one of their project’s in Bangladesh. BRAC USA supports the development work of BRAC in Asia and Africa and they have microfinance programs and health programs in Pakistan. For now, they have halted those programs in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, a region badly affected by the floods in order to provide emergency relief. All donations received that are designated for Pakistan relief and rehabilitation efforts will go directly to emergency relief in the region BRAC works in Pakistan. You can make a donation to them here.
  2. Mercycorps — Although Mercycorps is not a Jolkona Partner, we do have strong connections with some of their staff. While they do a lot of development work around the world, one of their main focuses is on disaster response and emergency and natural disaster relief and are thus very experienced in this area. They deploy their own teams and experts, and have local workers there that are well equipped to help out on the ground. You can make a donation to them here.
  3. Islamic Relief USA — Islamic Relief is a registered non-profit organization that has worked tirelessly in countries around the world to alleviate poverty, suffering, hunger, and illiteracy for the last 25 years. They do both development work and emergency relief in various countries around the world. Islamic Relief has been working in Pakistan since 1992 and previously worked in the Jelozai camp in North West Frontier Province until April 2009. Work in the camp included providing campsite development, water and sanitation facilities, and basic health and hygiene care. They are very experienced in emergency relief and have strong connections working to alleviate poverty in Pakistan. You can make a donation to them here.

With your support, the Jolkona community has made a HUGE impact in Attock, Pakistan among displaced families. But these families and others still need OUR help! As a result, we are working hard with our partner to add a new project that will aid in the recovery of the flood aftermath to help these families get back on their feet once their homes and villages are re-built. Please stay tuned and continue to show your support for these families to help discontinue the cycle of poverty dues to natural disaster.

Thank you ALL for your generous support and help to the people of Pakistan!


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