Thank You For Investing $9K in Global Health

July 9th saw the start of our Give Health matching campaign designed to coincide with July’s Global Health month here in Seattle.  The match was a generous $3500 and finished fully funded!

We want to thank everyone who participated: the sponsors, the donors, the volunteers, and also S4SC for throwing us a great party and showing us how to socialize for social change!

The final amount raised was:


And here’s the impact you’ve made:

  • 2 prosthetics provided in Bangladesh
  • 49 children saved from diarrhea in India
  • 4 booklets about improved mental health distributed in Japan
  • 12 children received complete dental care in Bolivia
  • 12 participants in Kenyan soccer tournament sponsored
  • 60 children fed for a week in Uganda
  • 2 families of 6 people fed for three weeks in Somalia
  • 20 people received healthcare in Mali
  • 2 dogs vaccinated in Nepal
  • 8 weeks of medical supplies provide in Bangladesh
  • 2 homes fumigated in Bolivia
  • 10 children received complete dental care in Bolivia
  • 4 weeks of health screenings provided in Bangladesh
  • 70 health kits provided in Somalia
  • 2 children’s dental visit sponsored in Bolivia
  • 4 water construction tools provided in Kenya
  • 20 people received oral rehydration salts in Somalia
  • 2 children received vitamins and medicine in Sierra Leone
  • 2 children’s medical needs supported in Cambodia
  • 2 malnourished children saved in Nepal
  • 2 weeks of care provided for a mother and her baby in Guatemala
  • 2 bags of seeds provided in Nicaragua
  • 2 children sponsored for a dental visit in Bolivia
  • 7 women health workers supported in Peru

Thank you everyone!

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