On Monday, October 10th we announced the Good Deeds campaign with a simple goal: incentivize our community to donate to any project on Jolkona and our partner, Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, will match every donation, dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000 on Monday, October 24th, whichever comes first.

I am pleased to announce that over the weekend we met that goal and our Good Deeds campaign is fully funded! We have had a few matching campaigns over the past year, Waggener Edstrom Good Deeds Campaign on Jolkonaand this campaign has resulted in supporting the most diverse number of projects than any matched giving campaign before.

  • 41 different projects were supported
  • 15 different countries
  • $5,000 donated by Jolkona donors
  • + $5,000 matched by Waggener Edstrom
  • = $10,000 raised in 2 weeks

The impact of $10,000 worth of ‘good deeds’

  • 2 women received life skills class in USA
  • 2 months of primary education provided in Uganda
  • 4 stoves provided in Nepal
  • 400 trees planted in India
  • 6 students attended a night class in the tsunami-affect area of Japan
  • 2 girls saved from honor killing in Iraq
  • 8 orphans received clothes in Iraq
  • 6 women received farming training in Sudan
  • 2 girls received 1 year of education in Afghanistan
  • 2 businesses showcase opportunity provided in USA
  • 2 mothers and newborn received nutritional support in India
  • 2 months of primary education provided in Uganda
  • 2 women received access to clothes in USA
  • 6 weeks of food provided in Iraq
  • 100 trees planted in Ethiopia
  • 6 acres of rainforest conserved in Tanzania
  • 2 young women trained in Nepal
  • 2 stories sponsored in United States
  • 12 months of secondary education provided in Uganda
  • 2 months of support provided to a student in Rwanda
  • 4 jobs created in India
  • 2 women received training in bio-intensive farming in Kenya
  • 2 students received support for research project in USA
  • 12 months of computer training provided in Guatemala
  • 2 children sponsored in Bangladesh
  • 2 orphans received education in Kenya
  • 8 children saved from diarrhea in India
  • 6 school girls received uniforms in Liberia
  • 2 headsets provided to a classroom in USA
  • 2 rural Tibetan girls attended day school in China
  • 2 months of HIV treatment provided in Kenya
  • 2 Above & Beyond awards given to homeless person in USA
  • 160 children received 1 week of meal each in Uganda
  • 2 hygiene kits provided in Haiti
  • 2 homes fumigated in Bolivia
  • 2 family toilets provided in Nepal
  • 2 classes received notebooks in United States
  • 2 soccer camps participant supported in United States
  • 4 women trained in bio-intensive farming in Kenya
  • 2 women trained in Pakistan
  • 4 Jolkona projects added

And these projects impacted the following countries:

Jolkona Good Deeds Impact Map

View the total impact and donors by visiting the Good Deeds campaign page.

Thank you to everyone in the Jolkona community for your tremendous support!

@WE_Citizen spot donation #WEGoodDeeds

For those who donated, you will receive proof of impact for the donation you made and the donation Waggener Edstrom matched on your behalf. Matched gifts will be added to your account later this year and you will receive both proofs of impact once each project is implemented.

Thank you…

To our donors – Thank you for contributing to the campaign and showing that individuals can make a huge difference! All of your ‘good deeds’ have added up to create a big impact. Thank you!

To our sponsor – Thank you, Waggener Edstrom and the WE Citizenship team for their partnership, leadership, and support during this campaign. It’s a pleasure to work with a corporate partner who is so involved in the execution of the campaign, especially how they made additional spot-donations in the name of donors who tweeted about the campaign.

This is the second matched campaign we launched with Waggener Edstrom. Last year we partnered with them on the MatchED campaign, which matched donations to education projects.

And one final thank you to our team – Thank you for helping us get this campaign to 100% by sharing and promoting Good Deeds to your friends, family, and networks. You are a vital part of what makes Jolkona the organization that it is today. Thank you.

Don’t let your ‘good deed’ stop here

The philosophy that all giving matters is the spirit of our mission and the work we do every day. We recognize that you don’t have to be wealthy or have an unlimited amount of time to volunteer to make an impact; even small doses of passion turned to action make a difference and Waggener Edstrom believes in this as well.

While the matching fund has run out, you can inspire global change by continuing to support over 100 projects on Jolkona. Your impact can reach new heights.

The impact is YOU.

One of the best things about working for Jolkona is I get to interact with our donors online, in real time, and share their excitement about making a difference. When we launch a campaign like Good Deeds, the level of engagement spikes and new connections are made and am reminded of how important our donors are on a inter-personal level.

Today, I want to introduce you to one our all star donors and will introduce you to another one next week. All of our donors are amazing, typically it their awesomeness doesn’t start or stop with supporting global development projects through Jolkona or by helping us kick the Good Deeds campaign. It comes from a place of wanting to make a difference and it’s a core part of  who they are.

Please allow me to introduce you to, Kiran, our first Good Deeds donor!

Jolkona donor Kiran Beg Meet Kiran Beg of Seattle, WA

Kiran graduated from the University of Washington in 2010 from the Human-Centered Design and Engineering program and now works at Boeing as a Publications Specialist. She loves to play tennis, watch movies, and spend time with her family.

When she’s not donating to Jolkona, she likes to support causes that promote public health and empowerment, around the world. She also loves traveling to different countries. Recently, she visited Pakistan, which opened her eyes to what poverty really is, motivating her to become an active donor in helping people around the world.

1.Why do you give to Jolkona?

Jolkona displays their projects really well, with a story behind each one. When I found out that donations were being matched, I browsed through the different projects. Each and every one of them opens your eyes to the unfortunate situations around the world. The stories are really powerful and brought to me a sense of thankfulness and gratitude for what I have. With that, I was very happy to help and give whole-heartedly to those that are less fortunate around the world.

2. Did knowing that your donation would be matched motivate you to give during this campaign?

Yes, knowing that my donation would be matched did motivate me to give.

3. Which project did you give to?

I gave to the ‘Assist Safe Houses for Women in Iraq‘ project. I came across this project and after reading the story behind it, I was in shock about how unfair these women were being treated. It really opened my eyes and makes me feel good that I can help these mistreated women.

What to make a difference?

After Kiran made her donation on Tuesday and shared it on Twitter, Waggener Edstrom saw that she made a donation and made an additional on-the-spot $25 donation to Jolkona in her honor.

Kiran's donation to #WEGoodDeeds and match on Twitter

Want to be a part of this campaign? Donate to any project on Jolkona through Monday, October 24th and our partner, Waggener Edstrom, will match your donation, dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000. And for every gift made during Good Deeds, you will receive two proofs of impact – one for the donation you make and the second proof for the donation Waggener Edstrom matches.

Let’s give!

Interested in sharing your story as a featured donor on our blog? Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or send a good ol’ fashioned email to

Give My Lunch Infographic

The famine in Somalia and the crisis in the Horn of Africa is getting worse every single day, and it is the children who are the most at risk.

It doesn’t take much to help. As this infographic shows, the $5 that you spend every day on your lunch for a month can help feed a family of six for three weeks. That’s a lot of aid for a very little amount.

1) Donate to help feed families fleeing Somalia

There are multiple gift options, and with every donation that you make, you will receive proof of impact for the families you help.

2) Join our founders’ “Give My Lunch” campaign

Our founders, Nadia and Adnan, are giving up lunch for 30 days and using that money to help those affected by the famine in the Horn of Africa. You can join them with as little as $5. As of August 15, they reached their initial goal to feed 30 families. But since there’s still a great need, they’ve increased the goal to 40 families — or more! Join them.

3) Share this infographic

A picture says a thousand words, and the same thing goes for an infographic. Please help us raise awareness of the crisis and how people can get involved.

Together, we can help change the situation in the Horn of Africa.

Many thanks to our infographics intern, Sylvia Ng, for designing this!

Invest in Women Grassroots Leaders

“Supporting women is one of the best ways to fight global poverty. Women grassroots leaders are on the frontlines tackling the toughest issues: hunger, violence, access to healthcare and education. By supporting their work as leaders, we can help them have greater impact and improve the lives of thousands in local communities.” — Mauricio Vivero, Executive Director of the Seattle International Foundation.

Join us as we launch a campaign in partnership with the Seattle International Foundation (SIF) and iLEAP: The Center for Critical Service, to promote and support global women’s leadership. We’re kicking off this campaign with a Groupon G-Team deal that will run today, Tuesday, July 26th until 11:59 pm on Thursday, July 28.

Groupon will be covering all transaction fees so that 100% of your donation goes towards investing in women. Plus, SIF will match every single donation made, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000!

$10 is All It Takes to Improve Women’s Equality

Starting today, you can make an investment in women’s leadership by pledging your support in increments of $10. For each $500 we raise through Groupon, we will fund one week of training for a woman leader to come to Seattle and participate in a 10-week fellowship program. The program will be implemented by iLEAP, which is an international nonprofit that builds capacity in a new generation of women grassroots leaders – creating positive change in their institutions and communities.

How to Fund Leadership Training through Groupon:

  1. Go to Jolkona’s G-Team campaign today until 11:59 pm on Thursday, July 28.
  2. Click on “BUY” and select quantity (e.g., 1 = $10, 2 = $20, etc.)
  3. Complete your order and tell your friends about your donation through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Each donation made will automatically get matched by SIF and our total impact will be posted here as the campaign progresses.


Bonus: For everyone who makes a donation to this campaign and fills out the Jolkona survey monkey at the end, you will be eligilbe to win two tickets to the Women in the World Breakfast at the Four Seasons in November, where the 2011 fellows will be honored. (Here’s a video to last year’s Women in the World Breakfast.)

On behalf of the entire Jolkona team, thank you for your support to empower women all over the world!


Nadia Mahmud
CEO & Co-Founder

The holidays – ‘tis the season to be cheery and bright, generous and humble, and, oh yeah, give. Even in this tough economy, nearly six out of 10 Americans plan to donate to organizations less fortunate this holiday season. For many families, giving charitable gifts has become a part of their holiday tradition.

12 Days of Giving

On the first day of giving, my true love gave to humanity — 20 weeks of health screening, and a proof of impact for each week.

In the spirit of giving back, the Jolkona team is celebrating the holidays by launching 12 Days of Giving, a series of campaigns for their favorite projects. On each day, we’ll unwrap one new campaign along with a message about what makes it so special.

Today we unwrap our first campaign, which is lead by Tysen Gannon, the Director of Corporate Partnerships here at Jolkona.

Ready to help Tysen provide 20 weeks of health screenings for people living in Bangladesh and make an impact this season? You can give one full gift ($50) and you will receive the full proof for your donation. Or if you’re not ready to give the full amount, you can donate a partial gift. For both options, you have the option to dedicate this gift to someone you care about.

Keep an eye on the 12 Days of Giving as we unwrap a new campaign each day. You can also follow our blog, Twitter, and Facebook for updates on the campaign.

Looking for ways to incorporate charitable giving into your holiday?

Join us and give impact this holiday season; here is a list of ideas to get you started:

  1. Donate to one of the 12 Days of Giving campaigns
  2. Give a Jolkona Gift Card to someone you care about
  3. Start your own campaign
  4. Bring Jolkona to your business

How will you give impact this holiday season?

Photo Credit: Mukumbura