Tim Wade

  • Tim Wade


Tim Wade is Chief Operating Officer and Partner at WeWaste, a start-up waste-to-energy company that converts human waste into solid fuel for cement plants and other industries. This for-profit social business is the parent company of Pivot. They recently set up a plant in Kigali, Rwanda and are developing a pipeline of opportunities across East Africa, India, and Latin America.

Tim now lives in Seattle. He moved back after spending two years directing operations in Ghana. Today he manages funding and business relationships for WeWaste. Tim’s work has been featured in BBC World Today, The Christian Science Monitor, Global Water Intelligence, GOOD Magazine. He also won the 2013 BMW Young Leader Award.

Also, Tim is a board member at Elephant Energy, an international non-profit working in isolated communities to promote rural development and nature conservancy through small-scale, renewable energy technology. He holds an MBA in Global, Social and Sustainable Enterprises from Colorado State University.