Murthy Srinivas

  • Murthy Srinivas


Murthy Srinivas has been an independent computer software professional since 2010. Before that, he held several senior management and leadership positions in different software companies, including being the CTO of Change and Configuration Management at HP Software.

Today Murthy is also a Technical Consultant at the United States Business Council for Sustainable Development, an action oriented and member-led nonprofit business association that harnesses the power of collaborative projects to develop solutions to ecosystems, energy, materials and water challenges. He has also been a business mentor for the last few years and is an Encore Climate Change Fellow at International Living Institute. Needless to say, Murthy Srinivas is committed to social innovation that significantly impacts some of the biggest challenges we face today.

Murthy holds and MBA from Pinchot in Sustainable Systems, and a Master in Computer Science from Arizona State Univesity.