Kate Matsudaira

  • Kate Matsudaira

    Workshop Instructor

Kate Matsudaira is an experienced C-level executive and entrepreneur with a passion for large scale web systems and startups. She is also a keynote speaker and has spoken at conferences all over the world on distributed systems, scaling, technology leadership, and entrepreneurship. Today Kate is Principal at Urban Influence, a cross-disciplined collective of industry veterans who bring passion and purpose to creating end-to-end brand engagements. She created Ink+Volt, a way to be more successful in work and life through products as simple as notebooks, to advice on how to get closer to your goals.

Previously, Kate founded Popforms, a company focused on building software that helps employees be more productive and managers be more effective. It was later acquired by Safari Books, an O’Reilly Media Company. Kate was also VP of engineering at Decide, Moz, and Delve Networks. She has a degree in Computer Science and Economics.