Social Enterprise in Indonesia

Taking a Closer Look at Indonesia

A few weeks ago, the Jolkona blog shared information about the impact of social entrepreneurship around the world.  Today, we’ll take a closer look at Indonesia and learn more about the beautiful island nation where the next cohort of entrepreneurs joining us work, live, and inspire change!  Each social entrepreneur in this cohort was carefully selected from a large applicant pool and we have a great group of bright young leaders representing Indonesia. Each entrepreneur represents a startup focused on positively impacting their community, their country, and the world!

A Growing Economy


The Indonesian rupiah (Rp)

Indonesia boasts the largest population and GDP of all Southeast Asian countries.  The nation has experienced steady growth over the past decade, catching the attention of global investors across many sectors.  Indonesia’s large gross domestic product affords a comfortable life for many of its citizens, but its population is spread widely across urban and rural areas.  According to the World Bank, only 53% of Indonesians lived in urban areas as of 2014.  Economic development affects these regions differently and many social entrepreneurs are beginning to work between urban and rural populations to ensure that all communities can share in the country’s prosperity.

Social Enterprise

A snapshot of the Indonesian Catalysts in the Fall '15 cohort visiting Microsoft!

A snapshot of the Indonesian Catalysts in the Fall ’15 cohort visiting Microsoft

There has long been a presence of community-focused organizations in Indonesia, but social entrepreneurship has only come into the national spotlight more recently.  Many international organizations have launched programs in the country to assist its entrepreneurs in scaling and developing their ventures.  The Guardian reports that this scaling and training is often one of the greatest challenges facing the nation’s bright, young entrepreneurs.  Jolkona is excited to help bridge this gap through the Jolkona Catalyst Program.  During the three-week program, the cohort of 8 entrepreneurs will work with mentors, innovative thought leaders, seasoned business professionals, and startup founders here in Seattle to scale and develop their social enterprises.


Check back with the blog as we share more information about these bright young entrepreneurs over the coming weeks, and be sure to register for our Jolkona Catalyst Showcase on May 25th for the opportunity to hear about their experiences first-hand.  Click here to RSVP!

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