Earth Day 2014: Seattle, Green City of the Future

Imagine a city that is carbon neutral, has zero emissions, uses sustainable energy sources and  builds a comprehensive public transportation. This is the “city of the future,” according to the Earth Day Network’s Green Cities Campaign – and a future not too far away, especially here in Seattle.

Seattle is consistently ranked among the top Green Cities in the U.S. due to our ordinances to reduce the impacts of climate change and use of sustainable energy. Not only is Seattle home to the world’s greenest commercial building, the Bullit Center, but we also have the University of Washington’s campus-wide dedication to composting and a growing light rail system. Even more, Seattle is pioneering the use of coastal underwater turbines – a sustainable source of hydroelectric power that doesn’t impact important rivers and waterways. With our commitment to innovation in philanthropy, Jolkona is proud to call Seattle home.

The Green Cities campaign, a feature of Earth Day 2014, encourages cities to update their infrastructures and building codes to reduce emissions, increase efficiency and emphasize the development of key areas like public transportation, green buildings and renewable energy.

In honor of Earth Day 2014, YOU can take action in your community to promote the Green City vision. It is never too late to support a clean future for your home! Learn more from the Earth Day Network.

You can also support Earth Day globally by funding a project through Jolkona that supports the environment.

This Earth Day, join Jolkona in celebrating Seattle, the green city we call home, and work to improve sustainability both in your community and globally!

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