Nancy Margried

Nancy Margried

Twitter: @nancymargried

Social Venture: Piksel Indonesia – Batik Fractal

Piksel Indonesia provides technology and design training and alternative market access for traditional batik artisans in Indonesia through affordable jBatik software and online selling platform – Batik Fractal. Batik Fractal is a fashion product made by jBatik software developed by Nancy and her team that processes mathematical algorithm into unique batik patterns.

They have trained 1000 batik artisans to use their software in rural areas. Now, they are opening a cooperative for unskilled women and teenagers living in slum areas. They provide design, batik making, sewing and craft making training for them.

Nancy’s future plan is to reach 55 million small and medium enterprises in Indonesia with her products and create jBatik curriculum for high school and vocational schools.