M. Alfatih Timur

M. Alfatih Timur

Twitter: @alfatihtimur

LinkedIn: id.linkedin.com/pub/m-alfatih-timur/35/380/87b

Social Venture: Kitabisa.com 

Kitabisa.com is Indonesia’s pioneer crowdfunding platform for social causes and innovation. Alfatih started it officially in July 2013, and during its first year of operation, it received more than 100 projects of which 66 were featured, and 27 were successfully funded collecting more than 1 billion rupiah ($100,000).

Kitabisa has two types of customers – the ‘Project Idea Owner” (change-maker) who needs resources; and the “Resources Owner” who wants to supply resources to support good deed projects.

For the former, it delivers access to donation, and social media publicity; for the latter, it delivers social project report and rewards such as souvenir, personal letter from the end target of the project, etc. Alfatih’s next goal is to fund more than 75 projects and collect $500,000 in funding.