Dr. Neelima Das

As a public health professional, Dr. Das has a keen interest in bringing to light the significant role natural medicine can have in improving the lives of families who have little or no income.Apart from the health benefits of employing natural medicine in preventive care and as treatment for other ailments, growing the herbs and plants used in these natural medicines provides an entrepreneurial opportunity and source of income to many poor families in Bangladesh. Dr. Das founded Green Emancipation to promote healthier living and to lift families out of poverty. She and her team have spent the past few months compiling needed research and information on plants, herbs and growing methods and plan to make it available on their online platform and future smart phone app.

Dr. Neelima Das has a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree from Rajshahi MedicalCollege, Rajshahi University. She also holds a Master of Health informatics and Master of Public Health degree. She enjoys listening to music and singing and has had guest appearances on radio talk shows to speak on topics related to health and development.




Dr. Neelima Das (center) with Jolkona Board member, Heide Felton (left) and Dan Kranzler, Jolkona pitch coach