Alfi Arfan 

Alfi Irfan

Twitter: @AlfiIrfan


Social Venture: AgriSocio

AgriSocio works to reduce poverty and empower villages by giving farmers and housewives access to technology, capital, and market. AgriSocio formulated a method called Penta movements- entrepreneurs and sociopreneurs come in a profit-sharing mechanism working towards better price for products and stable market; edupreneurs and technopreneurs improve the quality of rural farming workforce; ecopreneurshelp do the farming in an environmentally-responsible manner. It is running this program in Benteng village and marketing its own product called “IndoRempah” which sells a 1000 units every month.

It employs housewives in processing of IndoRempah. Alfi plans to go into 17 more villages, launch two more products, reach 10,000 farmers and employ 500 women in the next two years.