Please help the cyclone victims in Bangladesh!!!

As you may know, last Thursday Bangladesh was hit by a category 4 cyclone. It caused extensive damage across the southwestern part of the country. Here is a short rundown of the damage:

1. More than 3,000 people have already died. The death toll is expected to rise since thousands are still missing.
2. More than 3 million people have been displaced. Most of their homes have been destroyed.
3. The Sundarban forest, home to the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger and a World Heritage site, was badly hit.
4. Many parts of the region are still submerged under water making rescue efforts difficult and raising fears of outbreak of disease.
5. There is a huge shortage of food, medicine, and clean drinking water.

Few of you have asked us if Jolkona is going to do something in this situation. Jolkona Foundation is getting involved in two ways:

Immediate Donations
As a first step, we are asking for immediate monetary donations. $10, $50, $200… any amount that you can spare in this holiday season will go a long way to provide much needed medicine, food and drinking water. Consider these examples:

· $100 can provide food to 70 people for 1 day
· $0.14 can provide 10 water-purifying tablets. Each tablet can purify 2.5 liters of water
· $0.50 can pay for 5 liters of Orsaline (a common Oral Rehydration Salt in Bangladesh)

We have agreements with experienced resources on the ground ready to receive these donations, buy the appropriate items, and distribute the items to the victims. You can give in two ways:

1. By sending a check to:
Jolkona Foundation
P.O. Box 2153
Kirkland, WA 98083
Please indicate on the check that this is for Bangladesh cyclone victims.

2. By clicking here to send money through PayPal
PayPal will deduct up to 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction that we receive.

We will continuously provide updates on our efforts through this blog.

Long term rehabilitation
Once the initial problems have been addressed, the survivors face the daunting task of getting their life back to normalcy. Jolkona Foundation will help out in that area too. Staying true to our vision, we will identify high impact projects where you can contribute and see the proof of your donations at work. We will provide more details about the long term options in few weeks time. The focus right now is very much on getting people the immediate help.

Please consider helping out in this time of need – any amount you can give will go a long way. We would also be grateful if you can forward this message to your family, friends, colleagues, anyone!

At this moment, we are building up our website which is an integral part of our vision and awaiting the approval of our 501(c)3 status. Until we obtain that status, donations that we receive are not going to be tax-deductible.


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