My GiveBIG: Jolkona Team

GiveBIG day is right around the corner (literally!). In today’s post we’re featuring two people currently involved behind the scenes here at Jolkona: Valeria is a veteran in the tech industry and currently serves on Jolkona’s board; and Keegan Falk is an intern-turned-volunteer at Jolkona and recent graduate of Seattle University.

My GiveBIG with Valeria Cole

Barri and Val at Canlis
Board members, Barri Rind and Valeria Cole, at our Charity Poker Tournament at Canlis Restaurant.

1.     Tell me a little about yourself:

I’ve worked in tech for over 15 years and the funny thing is I’m not a technology geek in any way. I believe technology is meant to simplify lives and make the things we do easier (such as giving!).

One of the things that I love about working with Jolkona is it combines technology and giving. Young people pretty much communicate all through technology; it’s all about connecting young people, technology and philanthropy

2.     Why are you excited about GiveBIG?

It’s a great opportunity for a smaller foundation like ours to:

  1. Get visibility, exposure to the community
  2. Get to a level of funding that will get us to the next level.

Here in King County people are big givers and are really into philanthropy. People rally around the community and it’s exciting because the response can be huge. It’ll be exciting to raise money for our causes that we so desperately need.

3.     Why do you support Jolkona?

I have never come across an organization that could reach such a broad audience and target that audience so effectively. I have three teenagers and come across many young people wanting to get engaged but there’s no other way to do so. Jolkona brings it down to a level where they can donate. How many organizations are there where a young person can give and make an impact across the world?

4.     What are you pledging to do on June 23rd?

I want to go on the site and make my big donation for the year so we can get the most out of it.
I am also going to communicate to the givers that I do know. Hopefully this initiative will get great exposure for Jolkona and see great results from the Seattle Foundation.

My GiveBig with Keegan Falk

Jolkona Team at Canlis
Keegan in the back on the left, posing with the Jolkona team at Canlis, photo by Rishi Sanyal Photography.

1.     Tell me a little about yourself:

I am a recent graduate and volunteer at Jolkona. At Jolkona I help with day to day tasks when it comes to social media and other marketing needs. I am passionate about sports, social media and Taylor Swift.

2.     Why are you excited about GiveBIG?

I am excited about this initiative because of the scope and goal of the Seattle Foundation. Taking on the challenge of biggest giving day in King County history is a large task but very ambitious. I hope that rubs off on other nonprofits and donors here in Seattle and creates an even bigger giving community.

3.     Why do you support Jolkona?

The leadership and dedication of the volunteers at Jolkona cannot be beat. They way Jolkona is using technology to change giving is the future of philanthropy and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

4.     What are you pledging to do on June 23rd?

I am pledging to make sure everyone I know is aware of GiveBIG. During this week I will be helping Jolkona spread the word through social media and making sure everyone is part of the biggest giving day in Seattle history.

Make sure you save the date for June 23rd. All donations to GiveBIG and Jolkona need to be done through the Seattle Foundation website. Seattle Foundation is providing $500,000 to stretch match all donations.

For more information about GiveBIG, read this blog post and Save the Date for June 23rd!


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