More info on Jolkona Foundation’s goals…

Let’s start with a quick review. Jolkona Foundation’s goal is to use small scale impacts to fight the socio-economic conditions impeding the individual productivity. The foundation will use technology to connect a donor with each impact. You might be wondering “Ummm, Adnan, what does that mean?”

Let me use an example to explain. We believe that for a society (a village, a town, a home, etc. take your pick) to survive every member has to be productive to the best of their ability. Productivity is different for different people. We believe for a 6 year old, it might mean to get education instead of working the streets. For a 30 year old man, it might mean spending time on his farm instead of fighting a civil war. For everyone being physically healthy is a requirement for them to be productive. Due to various reasons, many people around the world are physically handicapped and hence, they can’t be very productive. However, there are few organizations that are already doing incredible work in providing rather cheap ways of getting artificial limbs. By cheap I mean around $130 for an artificial leg. Of course, the caveat is that even this price is exorbitant for people in certain societies. Jolkona Foundationa’s goal is to help connect the person who thinks $130 is relatively cheap to the person who needs that $130 for the artificial limb. We will use proof of impact as the magic link. In this specific example, the proof of impact could be before-and-after pictures of the recipient. We realize that we can’t always do pictures as proof due to privacy and security reasons. We will work with the partners to figure out the best way to show impact without adding overhead.

Jolkona Foundation’s website will be the central place to do all our work. User will be able to pick out the projects they want to support and donate directly through the website. The foundation itself will not have any physical offices for now. We are also not having any salaried executives or staff at this time. We will try to keep our overhead cost down to minimum. When a donor donates to a project 100% of the money will go directly to the project. In fact, our goal is to make our budget available online for EVERYONE to see.

So, how will we cover our operation costs like hosting the website, paying for developers, etc. if 100% of donations go to the projects? The answer is Kona Fund. Kona Fund is a special fund we have set up within the Jolkona Foundation which will be used solely for supporting operations cost. Donations received in the Kona Fund will be used to offset our operations cost.

That was the theoretical version of what we are trying to do here in Jolkona Foundation. It is much easier said than done. While we have made progress so far, there is still a lot left to be done. We are looking for as much help as we can get. In the near future, we will outline ways that you can help us out!



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