Meet the Catalysts: Firly Savitri

April is an exciting month for the Jolkona team as we prepare for the arrival of our next Jolkona Catalyst cohort!  The eight social entrepreneurs in the Jolkona Catalyst program, a mentor driven accelerator for founders from developing countries, will journey from Indonesia to Seattle next month.  During the three-week program these social entrepreneurs will work with mentors, innovative thought leaders, seasoned business professionals, and startup founders here in the vibrant Seattle community.

Today’s featured Jolkona Catalyst participant is Firly Savitri, CEO and co-founder of IMI. IMI creates cost-effective, mobile, and experiential science learning tools for Indonesian classrooms.  Their vision: to make science a household name in Indonesia.

They do this through free education programs and the sale of science-themed merchandise.  Firly is looking forward to learning how to better assess the methods and results of her venture through the Jolkona Catalyst program so that she can maximize its impact on science education in Indonesia.

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