Meet Jolkona’s Boost 2016 Entrepreneurs

It’s a Sunday morning in Seattle, and this year’s Boost program participants have just arrived. Five social entrepreneurs from Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Cambodia have traveled here to learn essential skills from top mentors. After a week of immersive workshops, these five entrepreneurs will go back home with a newly acquired skill set that will help them develop their social ventures into the sustainable social companies they envision.

After a tour of Jolkona’s HQ at Galvanize Seattle, which will be their home for the duration of the program, they got a glimpse of what they will learn. They also got an opportunity to introduce themselves to each other, and talk about their projects:

Entrepreneur: Thanh (“Steve”) Hoang (M), CEO
Country: Vietnam Venture: Fresh Deli,
Industry: Food Delivery
Sector: For-profit B2C
Stage: Founded May 2016; piloting
Venture Description: Fresh Deli connects home cooks with working professionals seeking healthy meals.

Entrepreneur: Nazreen Mohamad (M)
Country: Malaysia
Industry: Government / Tech
Stage: Idea
Description: Nazreen is building a platform to help event managers bring people together and run successful events. Nazreen is also exploring governmental transparency through technology. He has developed ideas for two platforms; one which fosters productive political discussion between polarized parties, and one which gives citizens greater insight into whether politicians fulfill campaign promises. He is currently working on how to build these ideas into feasible, scalable projects.

Entrepreneur: Masako Heng (F), Founder
Country: Cambodia Venture: Experience101,
Industry: Education
Sector: For-profit B2C
Stage: Founded April 2016; piloting
Venture Description: Experience101 matches skilled students with short-term corporate projects and internships.

Entrepreneur: Yok Tien Leong (M), CEO
Country: Malaysia
Venture: SolarFlare,
Industry: CleanTech
Sector: For-profit B2B
Stage: Launched beta in February 2016; piloting
Venture Description: SolarFlare’s proprietary algorithm calculates home and commercial solar potential and ROI, making rooftop solar installation easy.

Entrepreneur: Yue Qi Choo (F)
Country: Singapore
Description: Yue Qi is completing degrees in Engineering and Business, with a focus on biotechnology and healthcare. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, and is currently helping Singapore’s largest animal shelter develop a revenue strategy.

Welcome to Jolkona’s Boost 2016 Program!


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