Meat the Butcher: Josh Kelly @ the Redmond shop

Part 2 of our Bill the Butcher interview series

Josh is a Washingtonian, born and bred. Currently residing in the state’s jewel, the Emerald City (Seattle), he is the head butcher over in the Redmond shop. Alarmingly honest and witty, Josh is both a wizard with meat and words. His major hobby is sausage making, he claims he’s never been too far from home (because his wife keeps him on a short leash), he takes his coffee with whiskey, and, much to his chagrin, believes beef liver is a vastly undervalued piece of meat. In his own words, it was the combination of a lack of college education and a genuine love for the craft of butchery that lead him to this current position. Here’s a snippet of our interview:

What’s the first thing you do when your alarm goes off?
Wake up.

Summer or Winter?
More of a Fall or Spring kinda guy.

What’s the best thing about being a butcher?
Can’t pick just one.

How do you see your role in sustainable farming?
An important link in the chain.

What are your thoughts on the Eat Local, Give Global campaign?
Great cause. Education is crucial to understanding.

Why is your shop better than the other Bill the Butcher shops in Seattle?
I think each shop has its own personality and style, all of which are equally attractive and charming.

Which Bill the Butcher shop is going to come in last in the Great Meat Race?
I hope we all come in first.

Are you or have you ever been a vegetarian?
Not yet.

If you were a cow, would other cows want to be your friends?
Yes, unless they were lactose intolerant.

If I gave you a herd of cattle, where would you hide it?
It wouldn’t be hidden if I told you where I was hiding it.

If you were a cut of meat, which would you be?
The brain.

And finally, what’s your best meat your joke?
What do you call a cow with two legs?    Lean beef.

The Eat Local, Give Global campaign is all about raising money to help implement sustainable farming techniques for women farmers in Sudan through supporting sustainable farming here in the U.S. We’re running the campaign in partnership with Bill the Butcher and its six shops in and around Seattle. Donate online, or go directly to your local shop, meet the friendly butchers themselves, and donate there.

Check out Laura Kimball’s launch post, or go the campaign page for more details.

Remember: each store is in competition with the others to raise the most money. This is called the Great Meat Race. If you want the Redmond shop to win, donate to the campaign here and join its community.




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