Lean Canvas Workshopping

Last week, the Catalyst participants attended a workshop titled “Social Lean Canvas” with John Sechrest.  John is the founder of the Seattle Angel Conference, a co-organizer of the Lean Startup Seattle, and a Startup Weekend Facilitator.  John’s workshop was the first of the program and laid a foundation for the entrepreneurs and their three weeks here in Seattle.

Before the session, the Catalysts reviewed the workshop materials and completed the Lean Canvas.  The Lean Canvas is an adaptation by entrepreneur Ash Maurya of the Business Model Canvas created by Alexander Osterwalder.  The Lean Canvas tool helps entrepreneurs create an action-focused business plan that recognizes the risk involved in entrepreneurship.  You can read more about the Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas here.

First, John wanted to know about the entrepreneurs’ ventures, how many customers they have, and how many customers they had in the previous month.  He impressed on the Catalysts the necessity of clearly communicating the benefit that they offer their customers.  The group then discussed the importance of storytelling, which was fitting as their first pitch coaching session in Seattle followed this workshop.  The workshop provided a huge amount of useful information and guidance for the Catalysts as they kicked off the program.  We are lucky to have expert mentors like John who give their time to our entrepreneurs!



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