Welcoming the Catalysts to Seattle

After a fun weekend networking with the Jolkona team and touring Seattle with their friends and homestay hosts, the Catalysts arrived at the Galvanize co-working space on Monday to begin their first week of the Jolkona Catalyst program.  The work began bright and early as the participants attended the “Social Lean Canvas” workshop with John Sechrest, founder of the Seattle Angel Conference.  It was the perfect workshop to help the entrepreneurs focus on their goals for the next three weeks and beyond.

Following this energizing workshop, the Catalysts enjoyed their first group lunch of the program.  I was lucky enough to sit with participants Firly, Tety, and Frianto and to hear about their experiences in Indonesia and abroad.  We chatted about various topics, from American Mother’s Day to Kurt Cobain.  Firly and Tety joked that they hope to bump into Eddie Vedder before they leave.

The day continued with a peer pitch session, where the Catalysts gave their first pitches of the program.  They will continue to develop their pitches individually, with mentors and coaches, and as a group during the coming weeks.  Their hard work will culminate at the Showcase event on May 25th!  (You can RSVP here!)  After spending a few hours on their presentations, the participants reflected on the day and then headed home to spend time with their homestay hosts.

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