Jolkona’s New Giving Program: Give Together – Coming Soon!

Change is in the air – and has been for quite a while at Jolkona HQ here in downtown Seattle. We’ve been busy getting ready to launch two new and very significant changes to the way we operate. The first we’re announcing today – our new giving program, Give Together, which launches later this week on June 14th!

Give Together explained

Give Together is a giving program which helps you discover trusted organizations you can give to on a monthly basis, allowing you to pool your donations with others who share your interests and passions. Thereby, you amplify the impact of your contributions with your community. Each month you learn about a new cause and 3 new projects which are tackling that issue. During the month, you choose your favorite project, donate, and watch as the contribution pool grows. As ever, our commitment to maximum impact and transparency means 100% of your donations goes to your chosen project and you will receive an impact report showing how your donations made a difference.

Getting started simply means signing up for a monthly donation level, which starts at just $10. Each month you will automatically get charged that same recurring donation amount according to the project you choose. And don’t worry, if you don’t like being a part of Give Together anymore, you can always cancel your membership anytime!


Putting community back into giving

Give Together is exciting because it’s about a community of givers. It means the experience of giving can be a shared one, shared with those who have your same passion and interests. Give Together is exciting because it’s about discovery and learning. You will learn in depth about a new issue every month. Through our blog, you will hear from the organizations themselves and their projects. You will also hear from our volunteers about their experiences and opinions regarding each issue. Finally, Give Together is exciting because it takes the guesswork out of giving.

From a personal perspective, what I love the most about Give Together is this movement of online philanthropy towards community. Undoubtedly, the internet has been an indispensable tool to philanthropy. But, there can be a certain amount of disconnect in the conventional method of “click to donate”; a disconnect that would seem to stem from the lack of engagement in a shared experience with other people, which is where philanthropy has always had its roots. Our Give Together program responds to that disconnect by placing community back into the online giving experience through shared interests, mutual goals, and the pooling of donations. I think what were doing here is really unique, exciting, and innovative.

Give Together launch party

To mark and celebrate its arrival, we’re hosting a shindig with our friends at Socializing for Social Change. The fun takes place at the South Lake Union Discovery Center on June 21st and will include music, drinks, noshes, swag bags and more! Tickets are $15 pre-purchase or $20 at the door. Doors are at 6.30pm. Be sure to:

  • Mark your calendar and tell your friends! The Facebook Discover Giving Together Event page is a great way to promote the event and invite your friends!
  • Spread the word! Through social media tweet about this event! #GiveTogether
  • Interested in joining Give Together as one of the first members to participate? Commit to signing up and again, share the info with others!

We look forward to sharing Give Together with you soon and hope you will join and be a part of our new community!

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