Introducing the Jolkona Boost Team

During the first week of the Fall’15 Jolkona Catalyst program, the Jolkona Team is excited to welcome a group of five South Asian nationals for the first Jolkona Boost program. 

The Jolkona Boost team is a group of energetic, young founders representing Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brunei. They are the winning team from an entrepreneurship workshop and pitch competition that took place on August 4-6 in Kuala Lumpur and was funded by the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.  The event — “Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Generation: Startup Weekend ASEAN” ( — brought together 110 young aspiring Southeast Asian entrepreneurs to develop strategies on growing their local startup communities.  The group also had the opportunity to meet Secretary Kerry during his visit to Kuala Lumpur.

The five teammates came together to created a green energy start-up called APOLLO. Their start-up aims to provide energy efficiency and battery charging convenience to all of its users. APOLLO will allow users to charge cellular batteries from both solar and kinetic energy with a wireless charging feature.

Jolkona has arranged a one-week visit to Seattle for the five team members to help them develop the startup idea they presented in Kuala Lumpur.  They will learn skills needed to develop business plans and will get exposure to other entrepreneurs, potential partners, and mentors.

APOLLO is still in the early stages of their venture, but their vision is to make a revolutionary contribution to their countries’ power crises.

Please join us in welcoming the Fall’15 Jolkona Boost Team! 


Debbie Ang, Malaysia Debbie, Headshot

Debbie graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Master of Languages & Linguistics. A serial multi-tasker; she works across multiple disciplines (law, psychology, semantics) to publish an ISI-impact journal article for her alma mater and is also an avid reader and writer, where she also contributes to a local website and blog as a columnist/ blogger. Her appreciation for literature and reading eventually landed her insatiable thirst for knowledge in business management and tech start-ups with focus on marketing, media and branding for Apollo.

An ardent believer that knowledge should be autodidactic, she is currently learning to code. Her experience as a trainer/educator has also groomed her to be analytical, critical, communicative and empathetic towards handling people from different backgrounds. Debbie believes that users’ experience and the product is the core success of APOLLO and together with her partners, they collaborate with one another to realize the very mission and vision they had when they first met during Startup Weekend, ASEAN.


Louise Ivan Valencia Payawal, Philippines IMG_4518

Louise Ivan Valencia Payawal is a 21-year-old software developer from the Philippines. Ivan was an active student leader and a consistent academic scholar whose hard work and perseverance bore fruit as he graduated with Latin honors from Wesleyan University-Philippines. He has also shared had his fair share of losses and failures. He has encountered countless hurdles, however these hurdles have fueled his passion for innovation and his commitment to the environment.

Ivan now anchors APOLLO, a company committed to technological advancements that utilize renewable energy resources. From this, APOLLO aims to provide energy efficiency and battery charging convenience to all its users. It possesses two renewable energy features that enable APOLLO to charge the battery from both solar and kinetic energy; and a wireless charging feature that enable its users to share its power wirelessly.


Tomy Arden Phang, Indonesia2013-06-21 2015-04-15 001 020

Tomy has always been enthusiastic about learning something new, especially in the field of sciences and technology. He loves to be able to apply what he learned into tangible projects that can be used to achieve a greater purpose. Being young has not stopped Tomy from looking for opportunities to build himself up as an entrepreneur.

Having found himself with like minded people in Startup Weekend ASEAN, His team has decided to create a green tech venture together. Tomy was born and raised in Indonesia, but has been studying in Singapore for the past seven years. He is currently studying in Singapore University of Technology and Design, pursuing Engineering and Product Design.


Suriatizah A. Rani (Shuu), Brunei Shuu Rani, Headshot

Suriatizah A. Rani (Shuu), has been teaching herself to design for the past 5 years. A person who has always been taking the high road in life, she has been building her career in the Design Industry by freelancing for different companies. Decidedly quirky and attentive, she values the symbiosis in the design world, from the Digital Design, to Visual Strategy and Industrial Design. Within those years, she has worked and established good rapport with both local and international clients such as Disney, GQ Magazine, and Insider Magazine.

As a design advocate, she believes the importance of design being not just an aesthetic, but functionality.

She resonates with APOLLO’s ideal to revolutionize product design, thus encouraged her to be the Lead Designer for the team. To her, brand and product design goes in tandem to any business’ foundation.


Aecil Trinidad, Philippines Aecil Trinidad

Aecil M. Trinidad graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering. She was granted a scholarship by Korea’s “Scranton Women’s Leadership.”

She also represented Wesleyan University in the recently concluded CISCO CCENT Netrid- ers Philippines 2014 where she was recognized as an award recipient. She also has a passion for network engineering and design. In her spare time, Aecil loves to travel, watch movies, and spend time hanging out with awesome people.



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