Jolkona Foundation announces first US partners!

Today, we are excited to welcome our first US partners.

It has been 2 months since we opened up Jolkona Foundation to the public. We are excited to see how well it has been received since then. However, for us to be truly successful in the long term, we need to continue to find ways to enrich the giving experience for our users. For example, what our users want to see is a diverse set of donation options. Today marks a significant milestone for Jolkona Foundation as we welcome our first US partners and launch 3 US projects.

Technology Access Foundation (TAF) brings an innovative approach to help educate children of color in some of the underserved communities in Seattle. Through their projects, you will be able to provide everything from supplying snacks for the afterschool program to sponsoring their field trips.

Washington Community Alliance for Self-Help (CASH) supports individuals with limited financial resources by providing them business training, supportive community and capital. You can support CASH’s activities by sponsoring various business trainings.

They say “Charity begins at home.” Both of these partners are committed to assisting the marginalized communities in our neighborhood. We couldn’t have picked out any better partners to bring Jolkona Foundation to America.

Jolkona Foundation’s goal is to build a platform that not only empowers the donors, but is also available to any nonprofit organization willing and able to show a tangible proof for every donation. The success of a platform is hinged on its popularity with its constituencies. Our platform now supports more than 40 projects in over 25 countries – from USA in the west to the Philippines in the east.

Thank you again for all your support so far. I hope you take this opportunity to support the projects with TAF and CASH or any of our other projects.

As always, your comments are highly welcome and appreciated!


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  1. Elyse Rowe / August 11, 2009

    TAF and CASH are both great organizations – congrats.

  2. Elizabeth Clawson / September 1, 2009

    When Kiva did it, I thought it was great, and now that Jolkona has done it, I still agree! Poverty in other parts of the world is extreme, but as a nonprofit fundraiser I believe in giving donors options. If someone wants to support nonprofits here at home, why turn them away? Kudos to you.

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