Jolkona Catalyst Entrepreneur Profile: Hayyu Widiatma Sakya

by Kirsten Eldridge, Jolkona Volunteer


Our 16 social entrepreneurs in the Jolkona Catalyst program, a three-week mentor driven accelerator for founders from developing countries, will come from Bangladesh and Indonesia to Seattle next month. This three-week intensive program will allow them to further hone their business plans, learn how to tell their story, and gain new insights. We can’t wait to welcome them to our offices on October 25th!

Today’s feature is Hayyu Widiatma Sakya, Business Director of ADHMORA ABHINAYA PRANA.  Adhmora provides energy solutions from energy monitoring to financing energy conservation program.  To reach the goal of energy conservation, Admora educates people about the importance of wise energy consumption and even makes energy saving fun through their championship program.

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Outside of this project and work, what else do you do for fun in your home country? What other passions do you have?

Outside of my project and work, I love to meet and discuss issues with a lot of people, that’s why I love to join new communities, like Global Shapers Community Bandung Hub and Jaringan Komunikasi Bandung Bijak Energi (Bandung Smart Energy Forum).

Also, I enjoy reading books, watching movies, and playing chess in my free time. Usually once a week I meet with my old friends from college to play chess or just hang out together.

What inspired you to start this venture?

When studying my bachelor degree, I started to learn about energy conservation issues in Indonesia. The main problem of energy conservation in Indonesia is always the same, that the people in Indonesia are never aware about their energy use and are using it excessively, due to the cheap price of electricity in Indonesia. If this situation left untouched, this will affect the economic competitiveness and energy sustainability of Indonesia. But there are still only a few organizations concerned with this and mostly they are only doing campaigns for it. It excited me to form a new organization that brings a more precise technological method to educate people about energy usage awareness. That’s why Adhmora was established.  With our initiatives we believe we can bring a big change to the energy conservation paradigm in Indonesia.

What is one obstacle you have faced in running your social business? How did you overcome this obstacle?

What we bring is a totally a new model and approach in Indonesia. To make people understand and embrace in our idea is rather difficult. We need a mentor who also has experience in developing a new and disruptive idea like what we are developing right now, so we can create a more strategic plan to create a bigger impact in society.

What are you looking forward to when you come to the United States for the Jolkona Catalyst program? 

I’m looking for a suitable mentor, an investor to support our initiative in Indonesia, and an entrepreneur community to collaborate and connect with. Also, I want to learn a lot about the start-up environment in the US and discuss with a lot of entrepreneurs that are also working in the energy efficiency sector. Especially there is one company in the US that has become our benchmark: OPOWER.


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