Jolkona Catalyst Entrepreneur Profile #8: Ferdous Mottakin

Our eight entrepreneurs from Bangladesh have arrived for the Spring 2015 Jolkona Catalyst program. Jolkona Catalyst is a three-week, mentor driven accelerator program designed for entrepreneurs from emerging countries. During the next three weeks, they will work with mentors and coaches to hone their business models and learn how to scale their impact.

Our eight entrepreneur feature is Ferdous Mottakin, Founder & CEO of Offroad Bangladesh. Offroad Bangladesh is a crowd-sourced platform that engages international travelers and connects them to destinations in Bangladesh and services provided by locals.

Ferdous Mottakin’s Bio 

FerdousFerdous has travelled throughout much of Bangladesh. He is proud of the beauty and rich history that Bangladesh had to offer and yet found that information about the wonderful places he visited is not readily available. As he got to know various areas of the country and the people who lived there, he felt these areas would greatly benefit from an increase in tourism and that this increase would ultimately help lift their economy.

Ferdous started Offroad Bangladesh, a crowd-sourced platform that engages travelers and connects them to destinations throughout Bangladesh and to services provided by locals. In doing so, he hopes this will mean new income sources and in particular will give youths of this area a chance to engage in these economic activities giving them opportunities that would only be available if they left their communities.

Ferdous holds a Bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC. Aside from his love of travel, Ferdous also enjoys checking out new movies and spending time with his 3-year-old son.


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