Jolkona Catalyst Entrepreneur Profile #5: Mehraab A. Anwar

Our eight entrepreneurs from Bangladesh have arrived for the Spring 2015 Jolkona Catalyst program. Jolkona Catalyst is a three-week, mentor driven accelerator program designed for entrepreneurs from emerging countries. During the next three weeks, they will work with mentors and coaches to hone their business models and learn how to scale their impact.

Our fifth entrepreneur feature is Mehraab A. Anwar, Vice President of Footsteps Foundation. Footsteps Foundation is a youth-based volunteer organization whose mission is to empower youth in Bangladesh to improve their communities. 

Mehraab A. Anwar’s Bio 

Mehraab AnwarMehraab, our youngest Catalyst, is proud to be representing an organization whose mission is to empower the youth in Bangladesh to improve their communities. At a young age, he saw firsthand the illness that resulted from lack of clean water and which motivates him to find more youths who want to actively create change.

Footsteps reaches out to youths and trains them to engage in events and initiatives that tackle important social, national, environmental issues. Through his work with Footsteps, Mehraab hopes to set an example for others who aspire to have a positive impact in Bangladesh.

Mehraab Alam attended University of South Florida majoring in marketing and management. He is currently taking a short break to focus on Footsteps. Mehraab enjoys many hobbies and can be seen behind a camera taking pictures or video or engaging in public speaking to share his experiences with others.

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