Introducing Jolkona Green Credits

Jolkona Foundation believes in the importance of protecting our environment and we are actively seeking out partners who are also committed to safeguarding our environment.  Few of these partners are involved with our forests – planting new trees and fighting deforestation.  While they have very compelling projects, these partners initially posed an interesting challenge to us and the challenge was how to show proof for gifts made to those projects. Jolkona Green Credit was created to address this challenge.

So, how did we come up with Jolkona Green Credit? Let’s go back to a core goal of Jolkona Foundation – show proof for every donation. But that is difficult when dealing with trees. For example, taking a photo of every tree does not scale well. Also, measuring the growth of every tree, while it might be useful to the grounds people, would not be very attractive to the donor. To address this issue, we developed a point system called Jolkona Green Credits. Our users can give to the environment projects (with gift options as low as $5) and in return they will receive a certain number of credits valid for 1 year.

Along with the Jolkona Green Credits, we are introducing our Carbon Calculator to help our users get an estimate of their carbon footprint. The calculator also lets the user know how many Jolkona Green Credits are needed to offset their carbon footprint.

You can find out more about the Jolkona Green Credits and our carbon calculator in the FAQ section. We encourage you to try out the calculator today and start giving to our environment projects.  Together, we can make the world a Greener Place!


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