Infographic: Food Waste

Feasting, in the truest sense of its definition, is one of life’s great pleasures – and privileges. Rightly so, we reserve such meals for special occasions. The holiday season is one such occasion; Thanksgiving is tomorrow. At Jolkona we’re running the Eat Local, Give Global campaign with Bill the Butcher to raise funds in order to facilitate sustainable farming for women in Sudan. Central to the equation of sustainability is the relation of produce to consumption. Needless to say, wastage in either of those areas is detrimental to the balance and cycle of sustainability. The infographic below illustrates the morbid statistics of food wastage here in America and Europe compared to other parts of the world. Quite frankly, it’s shocking. During this holiday season, then, eat well, delight in your feasting, by all means; but please, shop and prepare responsibly. Avoid as much food wastage as you can.

Click on this link to view the infograhic full size: foodwasteinfographic

To learn more about our Bill the Bucther campaign and how you can help women farmers in Sudan develop sustainable farming techniques which will benefit their families and their communities, go the campaign page here.




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  1. Sarti Maria / November 24, 2011

    3.000 lbs every second! Huge number, that is needed to be reduced somehow. One second of food waste would feed 650 people for a day. That is direction I’d like to see food distribution go in the future.

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