I want YOUR thoughts on these images!

And for those that are curious about my hotel sex worker visit-I made it safe and sound! Here are some pictures of what I’ve seen. I want YOU to provide your thoughts on what you feel/believe after seeing these images. I’ll leave my comments later! Remember, LEAVE YOUR INPUT. It could be about all of them, or a paritcular one. Questions are allowed too!

"Bhai, I'll only be taking a picture of your body" His response was, "No! Go ahead, take a full picture of me!" This man has certainly raped multiple women and forced them into this trade.


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  1. Laura / August 7, 2009

    Thank you for putting yourself out there to give a voice to these young victims who never had a chance.
    I really enjoyed your previous post where you let us get a glimpse of their thoughts.
    I imagine the police simply look the other way and that the children working in prostitution have probably been placed their by their own families, sold to the mafia.
    And now the big question, how do we put an end to this? How do we make people care enough to stop this?
    Thank yoy for your story and pictures.
    Kind regards, Laura Bombin

  2. Jeris JC Miller / August 7, 2009

    Dear Semonti —

    This is so increadibly heartbreaking … thank you so much for your courage and compassion to witness and listen to the human beings who suffer in this existence. I cannot thank you enough for all the work that you are doing to end this inhumane cruelty.

    Warmest regards,
    Jeris JC Miller @dakini_3
    Heart of Matter Blog
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  3. Nadia Khawaja / August 7, 2009

    I am still in shock about this! Thank you for sharing your last blog post and these photos….although it is very sad…I think it is so important to shed light on the issue so that we can try to solve the problem. So I know you mentioned the HIV rates, but how big is the sex-trade business in Bangladesh and is it ever enforced by the police or are they always just bribed?

  4. Semonti / August 9, 2009

    Thank you everyone for expressing so much support! It truly means a lot to me when I know others are feeling the same way I did after I met these beautiful, beautiful women. Unfortunately, many stay in the business because after they’ve fallen into it, they can’t ever feel “pure” again. Sort of like once you’ve done something bad for the first time, you’re more likely to feel less shame for doing it the second time. Except this time, the bad deed leaves your richer than practicing the good deeds. The pay is a lot higher in this work than anything eles (a common alternative is working in the garments industry). For example, a woman working in the garments industry makes a few thousand taka per month. A woman working as a hotel sex worker makes 70 taka per act, and can have between 15-35 acts per night (based off what I hear from these women). Assuming an average of 20 acts, a woman can potentially make 1400 taka in one night-and can easily make more than 10,000 taka in month.

    The issue is that whatever these women may do, they must be aware of their rights. That is, they should feel the courage to leave the business whenever they desire, have access to education and healthcare, and have the right to refuse sex if her client refuses to use a condom-FHI is helping implement that.

    And for Nadia-I’m not quite sure how large the sex trade is in Bangladesh. There are quite a few levels. For instance, hotel based sex workers are very different from street based sex workers. Believe it or not, there are sex workers at the Radisson hotel! They’re in every sector of the population-in the world for that matter. From what I hear, the police form an underground contract with the hotels. Basically, free sex to keep things a secret. Sometimes they’re also paid 1/3 of the sex trade revenues…

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