How We Keep the Holiday Spirit Going All Year Long


An injured child in Tacloban City (Reuters)

We generally take down our Christmas decorations around Jan. 7 at my house, but my son loves them so much that we still have some lights up right now, and I always keep the photo-cards from friends and family up until the next batch starts coming in late November.

Similarly, while the holidays may be over and the headlines may have faded, Jolkona’s Standing With the Philippines holiday campaign remains active. Thanks to your donations and our champions, we’ve raised more than $3,500 for Peace Winds America’s Typhoon Haiyan relief and recovery efforts, and will continue to support them throughout 2014 as a Give Direct project. You can donate $30 to provide food, bedding and water for a family of six for five days, $60 to help a family for 10 days, or any amount you like — as Jolkona always says, every drop counts.

From Jon Ehrenfeld, Peace Winds America’s program officer:

In addition to our deep thanks to all the supporters of Haiyan relief, I would add that we are presently exploring a variety of early recovery and medium- to long-term recovery programs in the same areas that we conducted our relief. This gives us a lasting presence and a continuity of support – in the same region where we provided emergent relief we may also be funding shelters, seeds and tools for farmers, and boat repair kits for fishermen devastated by the typhoon. In this way our commitment to lasting relief and recovery will be felt for long after the storm struck.

For more information, check out our previous blog posts about this campaign.

And in the spirit of this blog post, from my favorite holiday special of all time:

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