How does someone give locally and globally?

We’re two days away from GiveBIG, an event that is designed to encourage you to donate to your favorite nonprofit and be a part of one of the biggest days of giving in King County history. Of course I’d love for you to donate millions and millions of dollars to Jolkona on GiveBIG Day, which is this Thursday, June 23rd, and help us snag the largest stretch goal, but what I’d rather see is a lot of donations to Jolkona at the amount you feel comfortable with to help us grow our giving community here in Seattle.

Yesterday we shared the stories of how two people who work with Jolkona are going to GiveBIG – one was a tech maven and the other was an intern-tuned-volunteer. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Monica Mendoza (aka @feistyfeaster), a Seattleite who is a local and global citizen.

Interview with Monica Mendoza, a Local and Global Citizen

kieranlynam Capitol Hill Seattle

1. Tell me a little about yourself:

I’ve always been interested in helping others and often look for ways to support the community I live in and our global community. Back in January of 2010, I was really saddened by the turmoil the people of Haiti found themselves in after they were hit by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that claimed over 200,000 lives. I was moved to help and I was able to get the support of 16 local restaurants. They set aside one evening on which they would donate a portion of their proceeds towards supporting relief efforts.

It was such a great experience and it inspired me to look for more ways in which I could help by working with local nonprofits.

2. Why are you excited about GiveBIG?

There are so many local nonprofits doing great work, but they really need support from donors in order to be able to continue in their efforts. GiveBIG day is day for them. An opportunity for them to get that needed financial support. The Seattle Foundation is introducing many of these nonprofits to people who are interested in volunteering their time and making financial contributions. I admire organizations who work on behalf of other nonprofits and who’s goal is to make more and more people aware of how they could contribute.

3. Why do you support Jolkona?

I love how Jolkona brings to life the impact you are making when you make a contribution. Jolkona has brought together a great list of deserving projects. They’ve done the research on each organization they partner with and they also make it easy for anyone to donate online. When you make a donation thru Jolkona you will soon find out exactly where your contributions are going and the type of impact they are making.

4. What are you pledging to do on June 23rd.

GiveBIG is an exciting opportunity for non-profits in King county to get the kind of support that will allow them to continue the great work they are doing. On June 23rd, I will be making my own contribution to Jolkona. I hope that not only will others will do the same, but that they also rally together friends, family, neighbors and coworkers on this day. I know I’ll be using social media to get the word out!

Are you a local or a global citizen, too?

Monica supports her community here in Seattle and also around the world as they need the help. That’s one thing that I appreciate about the projects we feature on — you can help someone get job skills training right here in Seattle so they can earn a liveable wage as well as educate artists on how to sell their work down in Nicaragua.

So the question is, are you a local or global citizen or are you both?

GiveBIG Day is coming!

But in order to maintain the level of diverse projects on our site and all of the features that make giving fun, we need your help. This Thursday, June 23rd, please make a donation to Jolkona through the Seattle Foundation.

On this day, all donations made to Jolkona through the Seattle Foundation’s website will count towards the GiveBIG goal and will help us receive part of the $500,000 to stretch match — increasing your contribution and maximizing your impact.

For more information about GiveBIG, read this blog post and Save the Date for June 23rd!

Photo credit: Kieran Lynam


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