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Our prayers go out to the people of Japan right now.  I know it’s so hard to sit back and do nothing while watching the video footage of the destruction caused by the recent Japan Earthquake and Tsunami so we wanted to recommend a couple of options of where to give your money.  As you know, the 8.9 earthquake caused catastrophic damage that was worsened by a deadly tsunami that hit on Friday morning.  Due to the tsunami, the government has already evacuated thousands of residents in a two-mile radius of the Fukushima nuclear plant due to damage in their cooling systems and possible meltdown.  While we at Jolkona would love to help fundraise for Japan right now, unfortunately, Jolkona is not set up to help with relief efforts during natural disasters due to the difficulty in showing one to one impact in such situations. However,  we do try to partner with organizations on the ground to help in the aftermath of disasters.  For example, in Haiti we have a project that currently provides aid during the recovery stage as Haiti continues to rebuild its infrastructure.  We’ll keep you posted if we find any organizations to partner with in the future that will help Japan during the recovery stage of this tragic disaster.

But for now, what Japan needs are our prayers and donations to help provide immediate relief for earthquake and tsunami victims. We recommend the follow organizations who are working on the ground to provide immediate relief assistance and are well equipt to do so, so please make a donation directly to one of the organizations below if you haven’t already donated yet.

  1. Mercycorp is working with long standing partner Peace Winds on the ground to provide emergency assistance to earthquake survivors.  You can make a donation to help with their relief efforts and start your own campaign here.
  2. AmeriCares has teams mobilizing resources to help with Japan disaster relief.  They specialize in providing medical relief and humanitarian assistance to natural disaster victims.  In 1995, AmeriCares helped out with the disaster relief after the Kobe earthquake as well.
  3. Give2Asia has many partners working in Asia and in Japan and has set up a tsunami and flood relief fund that will go directly to those partners on the ground.  They are working with local organizations such as Japanese Emergency NGOs (JEN), Saigai Volunteer Katsudo Shien Project Kaigi, Shanti Volunteer Association, Rescue Stock Yard, and Niigata Saigai (Disaster Volunteer Network).
Photo Credit: Reuters/Kyodo


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