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Here at Jolkona, the giving doesn’t stop! We just finished up our Global Health theme for our monthly Give Together members; our featured cause for September is Animals.septheader

We often forget that we are sharing the earth with so many other living things, and that our actions — directly or indirectly — have a major impact on them. Here’s an overview of the three philanthropic projects you can support through this month’s Animals campaign:

1) Snow Leopard Trust

snow leapord 3

This organization focuses on conservation of snow leopards, an endangered species, and supporting the people who share their habitat in Central Asia. The Snow Leopard Trust believes the best way to help these big cats is through in-depth scientific research and community outreach programs. They have put tracking collars on five leopards to study where they go, how they interact with the environment around them, and what conflicts they face. In some communities, the Trust sets up herd insurance programs or helps villagers produce and sell handicrafts to make up for livestock losses, in exchange for committing to protecting these endangered predators. By choosing to support this project, you can help with both wildlife conservation of these beautiful animals and community development of the people struggling alongside them.

2) Reading with Rover

When Reading with Rover learned that 40 percent of American fourth-graders are not reading at grade level, they decided to take action. Ideally, the students would practice reading at home with their families, but many do not have age-appropriate books at home and their parents are working multiple jobs to make ends meet.

boomerreadingReading with Rover not only provides elementary schools with reading materials, but encourages and motivates literacy by bringing in friendly therapy dogs to build up the confidence of slow readers scared of being mocked at school. The children get to improve their reading skills while having fun with a nonjudgmental, unconditionally supportive dog. By choosing to support this project, you can help Seattle children learn to love both reading and animals.

3) Woodland Park Zoo

The award-winning Woodland Park Zoo not only houses and exhibits a variety of species for its Seattle visitors, but helps support wildlife and their natural habitats around the world. Through its conservation and education mission, the zoo provides a window into the lives of the world’s wild animals, inspiring people from all walks of life to learn, care and act on their behalf. Last month, the zoo’s 6-year-old giraffe Olivia gave birth to a “small” (over 6 feet tall) calf.

Baby Giraffe

This is just the latest in the zoo’s recent baby boom, which includes twin sloth bears, triplet jaguar cubs and four lion cubs in the past year. The baby animals attract more visitors, but also require a lot of special care. By choosing to support this project, you will help the zoo ensure the calf has all his medical, dietary and habitat needs met for his challenging first year of life.

Now Let’s Give Together!

Now that you know something about each project, we hope you are inspired to join Jolkona’s Give Together community this month. Existing members: email your choice for this month’s contribution to By pooling our small donations, we can make a big difference!

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