Give to Girls Sponsor Hias Gourmet: We Can Show How Easy it is to Make a Difference

I’d like to introduce you to Adlyn Adam Teoh, the founder of Hias Gourmet. Hias Gourmet is is a social enterprise focused on culinary travel and events in Beijing, China. They seek to share culture through cuisine and provide meaningful food experiences to their clients. Their goal is to build bridges between people over food. Think team building, but delicious and fun.

Hias Gourmet is a company with a conscious and makes regular donations through Jolkona. For example, for every multi-day tour in Sichuan, Hias Gourmet donates a solar stove to a family in China, a project in their own back yard. You can view Hias Gourmet’s social portfolio to see the impact they’ve made to date, here.

Most recently, Hias Gourmet pledged their philanthropic dollars to help launch the Give to Girls campaign. Their contribution helped create the $2,000 fund that women-owned businesses pledged to match and double the impact of the first $2,000 in donations made towards women empowerment projects on Jolkona.

Here is Adlyn’s story on what it means to support this campaign and how important it is to invest in women and girls through Jolkona:

Thank you so much, Adlyn, for being a part of the Give to Girls campaign!

We’re happy to share that the match fund helped jump start the Give to Girls campaign so much that we raised almost $6,000 on the first day that it launched, March 8th, including the match!

Give to Girls is history in the making

There are two things that are impressive about that number:

  1. It shows how much you, our donors, believe in supporting projects that educate, empower, and provide health care for women and girls.
  2. Through the support of our donors, campaign sponsors, and community at large, March 8th and this campaign will go down in Jolkona’s history as the single–highest day of fundraising to date. On behalf of everyone at Jolkona, thank you.

But March isn’t over yet…

At the time I hit “publish” on this post, we have raised just over $8,700 for these projects. Can we get that number to a nice, round $10,000 by the end of March?

Look at the impact to date on the campaign page – how many more girls can we educate in Nepal, China, India, and Afghanistan? How many newborns can we give a great start to life by providing their mothers with access to healthcare in India? How many girls can we help boost their self-esteem in the US?

How much of an impact can we make in the lives of the women of tomorrow by giving to girls today?

We have one week left of this campaign – will you help us blow our goal out of the water?


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