We’ve Painted Together – Now Let’s Give Together!

Our “Paint Together, #GiveTogether” arty party sold out last week! We had a great time decorating  cups, plates and bowls with old and new friends, and can’t wait to get the finished products next week from Material Good studio’s kiln.

Including newcomers who signed up through this event, our Give Together community is now up to 40 people raising more than $700 a month for innovative nonprofit programs here in Seattle and around the world. This subscription program is taking the guesswork out of giving for the next generation of philanthropists all year long, by introducing you to a featured cause and three vetted projects every month that need your support. A Give Together membership also makes a great gift for the holidays, birthdays, graduations or other milestones: perfect for the person who already has everything, or wants to learn more about philanthropy.

If you haven’t already joined, or are interested in learning more about this program, check out our Give Together page and related blog posts. If you have joined, don’t forget to let us know which project you support this month, either by email ( or Twitter (@Jolkona #GiveTogether). And since September’s featured cause is Animals, we’d love to hear your pet adoption stories, too — share those on our Facebook or Twitter feed!

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