Join Us In Changing The World

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Support Social Entrepreneurship Around The World!

Join Jolkona in our mission to enable and accelerate social entrepreneurs from developing countries. Today we count on the generous support of the U.S. State Department in partnership with the U.S. Embassies in Jakarta, Dhaka and Kuala Lumpur. The grants we receive allow us to bring in social entrepreneurs to Seattle for three weeks, and coach them on how to get their projects off the ground or escalate them.

With your donations, we can take this program a step further. Donate to the Jolkona Catalyst program and you can be part of our program’s global impact.


What your donation will accomplish

Jolkona is currently inviting entrepreneurs from Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia. You donations will allow Jolkona to expand our program to other countries and to invite more social entrepreneurs from other parts of the world. This will increase the global impact we seek to catalyze.

Your donations can help us expand to countries like Mongolia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Philippines as well as Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and many more. Imagine the difference you can make across the world!

How you can donate

You can contribute with $10, $20 or whatever amount you’d like. We have a DONATE button that makes the donation process very easy via PayPal. There are so many ways to give:

  • You can mentor our entrepreneurs during our three-week program
  • You can host one of our entrepreneurs in your home during the program’s duration
  • You can volunteer to help us organize, set up and launch our Catalyst Showcase Event
  • You can spread the word about Jolkona in your local community and support our cause
  • You can make a cash donation today!