Design Thinking

The second week of the Jolkona Catalyst program kicked off with an experiential workshop presented by mentors Zachary Smith and Ben Grossman-Kahn.  Zach and Ben are the co-founders of Catalyz, where they offer a human-centered approach to transforming organizations.  Zach worked with the fall 2015 cohort of entrepreneurs and we were glad to have him return with Ben to talk to the entrepreneurs about design thinking!

catalyst spring 2016 cohort

Dipo, Sandra, Firly, and Erwin share a laugh during an improv activity

Through a mix of group discussion and activities, the Catalysts learned about the design thinking approach and the opportunities for transformation that it offers their social ventures.  Zach and Ben provided examples of the design thinking process and worked with the participants to apply the process to the challenges that face their organizations.  The group discussed the story of Goldilocks and the importance of approaching a problem with the correct questions and mindset — the focus should not be too narrow or too broad, but just right!

The workshop not only helped the Catalysts enter a creative mindset for the week, but also provided them with a new approach to the problems they are facing in Indonesia.  It will be exciting to see them take this process back to their teams and work at home!  If you’d like to see their progress in person, be sure to RSVP for the showcase event on Wednesday, May 25th.  You can also stay updated by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter!



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