ChickChat: Using Marketing to Empower Women

Last week, as part of our Give2Girls campaign and Women’s History Month, Jolkona attended Women Hold Up Half The Sky, a SHE Talks Soiree from ChickChat. The focus of the event was to bring awareness to issues facing women and girls all over the world, featuring non-profits that work with girls in India, Ethiopia, Nepal and Haiti.

ChickChat is a marketing research company that works on increasing the market power of women as consumers. As women make the vast majority of purchasing decisions in the US, ChickChat uses focus groups of women to give real feedback to major companies, as to what their biggest consumer demographic really wants. With their SHE Talks Soiree, Women Hold Up Half The Sky, they bring economically empowered women in contact with non-profits and philanthropy projects, like Jolkona, that work to empower women in developing countries across the world.

As part of their market research, where ChickChat connects female consumers with producers, they also work to connect their members with charities, and donation opportunities. That is the central reason behind Women Hold Up Half The Sky, which promotes local non-profits founded by women seeking to help women. While Jolkona is promoting Give2Girls, other great non-profits were featured as well.

  • “1 in 10 children in Haiti lives in an orphanage”. Haiti Baby: Haiti Babi makes hip baby products that empower and employ Haitian moms to provide and care for their families.
  • “75%+ of India lives on half a $1 a day or less!” Upaya Social Ventures: is building the businesses that will create jobs and improve the quality of life for families living in extreme poverty in India. Upaya is a partner of Jolkona, with great opportunities to donate.
  • Maiti Nepal, whose mission is to prevent, rescue and rehabilitate Nepalese women and girls from sex trafficking. It’s estimated that 5,000+ Nepali girls are sex trafficked each year; with another 20,000+ currently working in brothels in India.
  • Crooked Trails is a Seattle-based non-profit that leads small group trips to developing countries

The event was a fantastic opportunity for Jolkona to connect with new people, promote our partners, and recruit new volunteers. ChickChat’s Half the Sky Soiree was an evening of learning, inspiration and recognizing the unlimited potential of the ‘power of one’. All of the presenters made us feel proud to be a woman! It was truly inspirational!

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