Let’s Talk About Impact

During the Catalyst program, our entrepreneurs had the opportunity to sit down with Sachi Shenoy and Howard Behar to talk about driving results and measuring impact in their organizations.  Sachi is the co-founder and current Chief Innovation Officer at Upaya Social Ventures and Howard is the former president of Starbucks Coffee Company North America and Starbucks Coffee International, as well as an accomplished author.  It was a pleasure to visit with them at Galvanize and learn from their decades of experience!

Howard and Sachi share their knowledge

Howard, Sachi, and the Catalysts swap stories

Executive Director of Jolkona Monica Mendoza moderated the conversation.  The chat began with the topic of corporate social responsibility.  Regarding CSR, Howard said that it is important to remember that a corporation cannot be socially responsible — only the people working in it can.  He also stressed the importance of having clarity of mission and knowing the values of your organization.  Sachi agreed, and highlighted the necessity of setting goals and sub-goals that connect to the mission so that each person in the organization can know how they are contributing to the bigger picture.

These values are so important because they are at the core of an organization and guide its work.  Howard reminded the Catalysts that they have values and a corporate culture whether or not they explicitly express them.  Mentor Dan Kranzler was present for the chat and was able to share his experience in this area, as well.  He encouraged the entrepreneurs to foster a corporate culture that promotes respectful disagreement and discussion between all of its members.  Sachi shared some of her strategies for fostering this type of communication in cultures outside of the U.S. that will certainly be of use to the Catalysts at home.

Cindy and Howard chat after the session

Cindy and Howard chat after the session

To tie it all together, the mentors discussed how the entrepreneurs can best implement what they’ve learned in the Catalyst program with their teams in Indonesia.  Sachi reminded the entrepreneurs that it is important to tie all of the information back to the common mission of their organizations.  We are excited to see how the Catalysts and their teams implement all that they’ve learned in Seattle!  Be sure to stay updated by liking Jolkona on Facebook and following us on Twitter!





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