It has been exactly three years since Campa organized its first tour called “Ancient Java.” Little did they know back in May 2014 that their first tour would mark the beginning of a great social impact company. Today, they have had over 2,400 guests touring the vast, history rich country of Indonesia. Campa has partnered with fifteen Indonesian provinces to drive domestic and international tourism.

Fitri Utami, a key member of the Campa team, tells us how in 2016 the company was struggling with an identity crisis. It was at that time that Fitri heard about Jolkona and the Catalyst program. Fitri believed the Catalyst program would help her analyze Campa’s business model with the help of experienced mentors. Campa’s founder, Fitria Chaerani, agreed and fully supported Fitri’s application. After being part of Jolkona’s Spring 2016 Catalyst Program Fitri acquired the tools to strengthen her team’s working culture. The Mission & Vision session with Peter Blomquist helped Fitri see the need Campa had to re-craft their own mission and vision in a way that reflected the Campa team’s values.

Today Campa has a solid identity. Fitri and her team are strongly bound to their mission of providing a sustainable tourism product to their customers. They are now making progress on their strategy and this year they are on track to attract 2,000+ guests.

Campa has also grown their company adding two new team members this past February. They are also expanding the number of destinations that now includes Banda Islands which happens to have a historical connection to Manhattan, NY.

All of this progress has not gone unrecognized. Campa was accepted to a social impact program supported by ASEAN Foundation & SAP. At the conclusion of this two-week program, Campa was able to design a digital marketing campaign aimed to attract foreign tourism. They paired this campaign with the website advice they received from Adam Dreiblatt during the Jolkona Catalyst program. Campa is now ready to re-launch their website in the next few months.

Congratulations to Fitri and the rest of the Campa team on your progress!