Catalysts Visit Google and Theo Chocolate

On Friday morning, the Catalysts traveled to Fremont to visit the Google campus and Theo Chocolate factory and store.  They met with a friend of the Jolkona founders, Zanoon Nissar, who spoke with the Catalysts about her work in corporate social responsibility at Google.  The group discussed their own goals for social good and the ways that they can structure their enterprises to maximize impact in their home communities.  They were also able to speak with other Googlers in product management regarding technical issues and questions specific to their social businesses.

Sandra shares her pitch with the group at Google

Sandra shares her pitch with the team at Google

Before enjoying lunch at the Google cafe, the Catalysts had a pitch session with coach Dan Kranzler.  He encouraged the presenters to always be prepared for technological mishaps, stressing the necessary skill of ad-libbing.  The participants are only one week into the program, but their presentations are looking better each day and we are looking forward to watching them present at the showcase event on Wednesday, May 25th!  (You can RSVP here!)

Learning about the chocolate industry before the factory tour

The group learns about the chocolate industry

From Google, the group headed to Theo Chocolate for a factory tour and Q&A session with Theo CFO and Jolkona board member Chuck Horne.  They learned about Theo’s bean-to-bar philosophy and enjoyed many samples along the way.  Chuck shared insights from Theo’s journey and the company’s values of sustainability, fairness, and quality.  This visit was of particular interest to Cindy, who co-founded an export company with a focus on improving the livelihoods of community farmers (read more here).

The group snacks on cacao nibs

The group snacks on cacao nibs

The day ended with the Galvanize community’s weekly happy hour in Pioneer Square.  It was a great opportunity for the participants to network and to celebrate the progress they made during their first week in Seattle.  Be sure to like Jolkona on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up with all of the fun and hard work!



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