Fall 2014 Catalysts

Meet the Social Entrepreneurs of Cohort 2 (Nov’14)!

 Jolkona hosted five young social entrepreneurs from Nov 3-Nov 14, 2014 for our second cohort of Jolkona Catalyst in collaboration with US Embassy in Jakarta. Cohort 2 attended workshops to refine their social entrepreneurship business, met the Seattle Start-up community and learned to pitch to investors.

Candra Cahyani Gani HeadshotCandra Cahyani Gani

Twitter: @CandraGani

Social Venture: Bedah Campus

Bedah Campus promotes higher education to the high school students in remote area through online mentorship. This two year old venture operates in Lampung province and has more than 570 mentees and 150 mentors. Candra and her team organize roadshows in different schools to recruit high school students to join as mentees. Then they recruit university students to volunteer as a mentor and find professionals to be foster parents of the mentees. Bedah Campus is partially funded with the profit of a separate business – a language center, also run by Candra and her team.

In the next five years, Candra wants to reach 33 provinces in Indonesia and scale the language center so that its profit can fully support Bedah Campus.

Watch Candra’s Showcase Event Pitch and Elevator Pitch


Dini Hajarrahmah HeadshotDini Hajarrahmah

Twitter: @DiniDreaming
LinkedIn: id.linkedin.com/in/dinihajarrahmah

Social Venture: Wanderlust Indonesia

Wanderlust Indonesia is an ecotourism company that offers tours where travel activities are combined with volunteering services to locals based on their needs. So far, it has hosted tours in Krakatau Mountain, Labuan Bajo, Tanjung Puting, and urban Jakarta where about 100 ‘Wanderers’ got to meet the locals, understand the local values and customs while traveling, and leave behind a positive footprint through volunteering or sponsoring a child’s education.

In Krakatau Mountain, besides snorkeling and hiking, Wanderers get to complete a project like teaching a chapter from Wanderlust’s curriculum for students or teaching English to guides.

In the next two years, Dini plans to expand to 5 other islands/conservations and to villages and slum area with literacy, fair trade, sanitation, and waste management programs.

Watch Dini’s Showcase Event Pitch and Elevator Pitch


Alfi Irfan Headshot

Alfi Irfan

Twitter: @AlfiIrfan

LinkedIn: id.linkedin.com/pub/alfi-irfan/37/440/776

Social Venture: AgriSocio

AgriSocio works to reduce poverty and empower villages by giving farmers and housewives access to technology, capital, and market. AgriSocio formulated a method called Penta movements- entrepreneurs and sociopreneurs come in a profit-sharing mechanism working towards better price for products and stable market; edupreneurs and technopreneurs improve the quality of rural farming workforce; ecopreneurshelp do the farming in an environmentally-responsible manner. It is running this program in Benteng village and marketing its own product called “IndoRempah” which sells a 1000 units every month.

It employs housewives in processing of IndoRempah. Alfi plans to go into 17 more villages, launch two more products, reach 10,000 farmers and employ 500 women in the next two years.

Watch Alfi’s Elevator Pitch


Nancy Margried HeadshotNancy Margried

Twitter: @nancymargried
LinkedIn: id.linkedin.com/pub/nancy-margried/29/149/888

Social Venture: Piksel Indonesia – Batik Fractal

Piksel Indonesia provides technology and design training and alternative market access for traditional batik artisans in Indonesia through affordable jBatik software and online selling platform – Batik Fractal. Batik Fractal is a fashion product made by jBatik software developed by Nancy and her team that processes mathematical algorithm into unique batik patterns.

They have trained 1000 batik artisans to use their software in rural areas. Now, they are opening a cooperative for unskilled women and teenagers living in slum areas. They provide design, batik making, sewing and craft making training for them.

Nancy’s future plan is to reach 55 million small and medium enterprises in Indonesia with her products and create jBatik curriculum for high school and vocational schools.

Watch Nancy’s Elevator Pitch


M. Alfatih Timur HeadshotM. Alfatih Timur

Twitter: @alfatihtimur

LinkedIn: id.linkedin.com/pub/m-alfatih-timur/35/380/87b

Social Venture: Kitabisa.com 

Kitabisa.com is Indonesia’s pioneer crowdfunding platform for social causes and innovation. Alfatih started it officially in July 2013, and during its first year of operation, it received more than 100 projects of which 66 were featured, and 27 were successfully funded collecting more than 1 billion rupiah ($100,000).

Kitabisa has two types of customers – the ‘Project Idea Owner” (change-maker) who needs resources; and the “Resources Owner” who wants to supply resources to support good deed projects.

For the former, it delivers access to donation, and social media publicity; for the latter, it delivers social project report and rewards such as souvenir, personal letter from the end target of the project, etc. Alfatih’s next goal is to fund more than 75 projects and collect $500,000 in funding.

Watch Alfatih’s Showcase Event Pitch and Elevator Pitch