Catalysts Attend First Workshop

by Kirsten Eldridge, Jolkona Volunteer


This Tuesday, our Jolkona Catalyst entrepreneurs took part in an exciting workshop titled “The Role of Social Entrepreneurs in Greater Systems for Change” with Seattle startup talent Cole Hoover.  Cole is an entrepreneur, teacher and member of Global Shapers interested in poverty alleviation, the future of education and using business to do good.

Workshop Oct 27

Cole kicked off the workshop by speaking about some of the challenges that the nonprofit community faces, stating that most nonprofits will struggle to reach the full scale stage and are often duplicating the efforts of other nonprofits and social enterprises.  Our entrepreneurs replied by sharing their impressions of the nonprofit communities in their own nations, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Cole and the Catalysts spent the rest of the workshop exploring the ways that entrepreneurs can avoid these pitfalls and enhance their impact.  Their main focus: viewing their organizations’ and businesses’ missions as part of the “bigger picture”.  Referencing the work of entrepreneurs Eric Stowe and Jason Saul, Cole encouraged the Catalysts to work towards a world in which their current ventures will no longer be needed.

Workshop Oct 27

To further analyze their efficiency and impact, the entrepreneurs made lists of the five things they spend the most time on for their work.  These lists helped them prioritize their actions with a renewed focus on the bigger picture.  This activity also provided plenty of laughs and bonding moments over the common challenges that entrepreneurs face.

This workshop was one of many preparing our Jolkona Catalyst entrepreneurs for their showcase on Wednesday, November 11th in the beautiful, new Galvanize co-working space in historic Pioneer Square. Click here to RSVP!

Jolkona Catalyst brings high potential social entrepreneurs from emerging countries to Seattle for an intensive 3-week mentor-driven accelerator. These entrepreneurs are solving some of the most challenging societal issues in their communities. Our mentors include some of Seattle’s best startup talent who prepare these founders to scale and engage with investors at home and abroad.

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